The Cavallin del Bufalo farmhouse is located just thirty-five kilometers from the splendid Argentario coast, which can be reached in just half an hour by car following the suggestive path that leads from the village of Manciano to the sea.

Protruding into the sea for about 15 km from the coast line, the Argentario is certainly a unique territorial complex, connected to the mainland by two natural tomboli (Giannella and Feniglia) and by an artificial isthmus (Orbetello dam), delimited by the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Orbetello Lagoon. The mountainous promontory, with its 635m summit of the peak of Mount Telegraph is a natural paradise.

Two sides can thus be distinguished: a north-eastern one, almost totally overlooking the lagoon, which slopes down to the sea with a succession of small hills, valleys and small alluvial plains covered by fertile red earth.

A second south-western slope, more complex and diversified, alternates rocky escarpments and steep ridges to the south, with less harsh and elevated reliefs that surround the town of Porto Santo Stefano to the north.

The coast is almost entirely rocky with numerous cliffs and cliffs overlooking the sea.

Some small islets face the coasts of the promontory, and if for many the small size classifies them as rocks, for others much larger, we can instead speak of real islands.

The Argentario is nowadays a natural paradise, its coasts and its cliffs only a popular destination for thousands of tourists.