The Cavallin del Bufalo farmhouse is located just five kilometers away from the village of Manciano, famous for its strategic position on a hill from which it dominates the entire Maremma .

Located on the top of a hill and protected by solid walls, Manciano has always been used as a lookout. The old village is dominated by the Rocca of Aldobrandesca origin.

From the Rocca it is possible to see one of the best views of the Maremma: the succession of hills and plateaus up to the sea are so suggestive that Manciano is given the nickname of Maremma spy.

The municipality of Manciano is jealous keeper of Saturnia which with its famous Terme di Saturnia is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Tuscany.

The Museum of Prehistory and the town’s historic center are also worth a visit .