The Cavallin del Bufalo farmhouse is located just twenty kilometers from the town of Pitigliano, reachable in a few minutes by car.

The origin of Pitigliano is probably prior to the Etruscan age, the presence of the Etruscan people is attested by the sections of the walls of the north-west part (ancient via di Sovana), by the “vie cave” and by the numerous necropolises that surround the village.

Numerous testimonies of the subsequent Roman domination, which then was the period in which the city took in the name of Pitigliano: it is said that it derives from the gens Petilia, but the legend tells of two Romans (Petilio and Cigliano) who, after having stolen the golden crown of the statue of jupiter stator in the capitol, fled to Etruria and took refuge here founding the city. The city remained under Roman domination until the advent of the Lombards who occupied it as well as all of Tuscany.

With Sorano and Sovana, under the Aldobrandeschi family, it formed a fortified triangle. Then passed to the Orsini family, it experienced a period of splendor, as evidenced by the beautiful Orsini palace, equipped with a grandiose portal.
Starting from the fourteenth century. there were numerous Jewish families who, having fled from Rome, found asylum in Pitigliano, where a Jewish community was formed. The charm of the small and narrow streets of the ancient Jewish ghetto culminates in the small jewel of the synagogue, restored in 1995 after years of neglect. But also all the rest of the ancient city was restored starting from the 80s, because following the post-war abandonment, it was slowly crumbling and was about to be left to its fate, because it was judged unsafe. only the foresight of some administrators and the few remaining families urged its restoration, returning the beautiful town of tuff to the admiration of the thousands of tourists who go there every year to visit not only its historical but also naturalistic beauties.

Nowadays Pitigliano is one of the most admired and known villages of the lower Maremma, famous in the world for its architectural beauty and historical importance, its Terme di Pitigliano will integrate with those of Saturnia, offering an excellent solution for your holiday in Maremma …