Cascate del Mulino Terme Free in Saturnia


The Cavallin del Bufalo farmhouse is located just fifteen kilometers from the village of Saturnia and its well-known thermal waters.

The history of the waters of Saturnia is very ancient, it is said that it was the god Saturn, angry with men in perennial war with each other, who hurled a lightning bolt on the earth which, sticking into the ground, originated a crater of sulphurous water that was able to calm minds and give life to more peaceful men and women capable of living in peace.

Beyond the legend, the properties of the thermal waters of Saturnia were already known to the Etruscans and Romans, it is in fact during the Roman Empire that the first public baths were born, a place of political life and social meeting place. The fortune of Saturnia and its thermal baths in Roman times was also due to its strategic position, the city was in fact located near the route of the Via Clodia, traveled by traders and travelers who traveled to Rome.

Even today the properties of the waters of Saturnia are a precious resource, very rich in elements and minerals, they have important beneficial and curative effects.

Cascate del Mulino, useful information

The Cascate del Mulino are an authentic spectacle of nature, coming from Montemerano, stopping at the belvedere, you will have a spectacular view of the imposing waterfall that pours, with a constant flow, on the underlying natural pools – dug into the travertine by the water over the course of the centuries -, a set of colors, from the blue of the water to the green of the natural, to the white of the natural pools, like an oasis of well-being …

Parking is free and also the entrance to the Falls.

Everything is natural and uncontaminated, the strong sulphurous waters at 37.5 ° C very rich in beneficial properties, the numerous natural pools, the river downstream … it seems like being in a fairy tale, surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the Tuscan Maremma.

What are the properties of the waters of Saturnia?

The thermal spring waters of Saturnia arise on the summit of Monte Amiata and after a very long underground journey, during which they are enriched with precious minerals, they reach the natural spring of Saturnia gushing out at 37.5 ° C, with a flow rate of 500 l / s.

The water of Saturnia is sulphurous-carbonic-sulphate-bicaronate-alkaline and earthy, that is, very rich in hydrogen sulphide, free carbon dioxide, sulphate ions, bicarbonate ions, magnesium and calcium.

Its composition and the minerals present make this water unique in the treatment of many ailments and pathologies.

What are the therapeutic indications of the waters of Saturnia?

The thermal waters of Saturnia and the Cascate del Mulino are particularly effective in the treatment of some ailments and pathologies, they are used, within the thermal complex also with treatment services agreed with the national health service, for inhalation therapies, therapeutic baths and sludge.

The healing properties of the waters of Saturnia:

VASCULAR SYSTEM: vascular disease and venous and lymphatic insufficiency
DERMATOLOGY: eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, dermatosis and mycosis
ENT bronchitis: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, deafness, rhinogenic
artery disease, rheumatic system
DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: constipation, liver failure, dyslipidemia and dyspepsia